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FREE WEBINAR January 18th: 4 Keys to Ineffective Educational Change

Big Beacon presents a FREE WEBINAR 4 Keys to Ineffective Educational Change: How to Botch…

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Facilitating Change That Sticks, June 10-12, 2014

FACILITATING CHANGE THAT STICKS:  Becoming an Effective Educational Change Agent June 10-12, 2014 At Olin…

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The authors of A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education, Dave Goldberg & Mark Somerville, are available for workshops and training sessions.


Dave and Mark especially enjoy working with students, graduate students, faculty, administrators, and working engineers on a variety of topics:

  • Change That Sticks
  • From Expert to Coach: Teaching Skills for Changing Times
  • Servant Teaching: Using Noticing, Listening, Question, and Story to Unleash Today’s Students
  • The Six Minds of a Whole New Engineer
  • NLQ in the Workplace: Noticing, Listening, and Questioning
  • Institutional Change without Tears
  • Other related topics and themes

Write to discuss your workshop needs.

Experiential Learning at Its Best

All of Dave and Mark’s workshops and seminars are a mix of just-in-time content with a strong experiential component where audience members are engaged directly with the workshop material.  These experiences can be delivered to a wide array of audience sizes both in person & on line.   Workshops vary in duration from 90 minutes to multiple sessions over periods of months.  Workshops can combine flipped materials with in-class experiences.


To inquire regarding your event, email for more information.

Mark Somerville pushing engaged listeners to go further with their ideas.
Dave Goldberg speaking on the “The Technology Professional of the Future and the Creativity Imperative”
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